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Garijo Baigorri's Crunch

Long history
in the sector
of Snacks

Thanks to a good dose of research, the range of products has grown without losing its hallmarks: the use of raw materials from the Castilian and Leonese countryside and a commitment to differentiating quality. We introduced new cuts for its presentation, such as Potatas Paja, always with olive oil as an essential companion.
The potatoes of Garijo Baigorri have been magnificently valued in different tastings as THE BEST FRIED POTATOES. The public values the delicacy of the unparalleled taste, appreciated by those who really love quality.

Garijo Baigorri's Crunch

Other product ranges

Subsequently, the range was expanded with other vegetables, always trying to include vegetables from Castilla y León. Carrot, Beetroot, Yucca or Sweet Potato Snacks have joined the product family, crunchy snacks with an irresistible taste, but also with lots of fiber and minerals. A third product line, salad toppings, was recently launched, opening up an expanding market. Fried Onions or Croutons are already on the shelves. The products have the “Vegan” seal, always using olive oil as an ally. ” Quality is always important,” says our General Manager, Carlos J. Garijo.

For some reason, humans love crunchy foods: the crust of a roast, the first bite of an apple or breakfast cereal tastes much better if it has "CRUNCH" in it.