A lover
of the land

We love the land from which all products are born, and with our work we want to be as faithful as possible to that legacy, using the raw materials of the region and using improved artisanal techniques that maintain the flavor of always. The secret of Garijo Baigorri Potato Chips is that there is no secret. Varieties of excellent frying with a fine cut and always fried with Olive Oil give the best crunchiness to our Potato Chips. Our objective of achieving a natural diet and the quality of Garijo Baigorri potatoes come together to achieve an excellence that is difficult to surpass.


This business venture was born in the 20th century with a family from Soria that achieved its prestige through the handmade production of potato chips.


The GARIJO BAIGORRI family acquires the Firm and continues this task by completing its Product Catalogue, supported by Research and Development and maintaining its roots as an SME in the city of Soria.


In response to new consumer trends, we launched our "Toppings" (natural baked bread croutons with Caesar and Mediterranean flavors). They are a great option to accompany salads, gazpachos, hot dogs and hamburgers, and to give texture to other dishes such as risottos or salmorejo, which are much more crunchy and fun.


Innovation, quality and the utmost care in the elaboration of our products make them irresistible: those who try our Potatoes or Vegetables repeat, even if they are thousands of miles away. European and Asian markets already enjoy our Aperitifs, and there is a desire to go further, always using quality as the driving force.