Warranty marks
of our products

From the beginning, the registered trademark Patatas Fritas de Soria Garijo Baigorri has been accompanied by the ORIGIN of SORIA.

From the initial condition of Food Artisans according to the Regulation of Food Artisans of Castilla y León, we are authorized to use this guarantee mark and also that of Tierra de Sabor.

All our products are certified and authorized to be labeled with the Vegan seal. We are also pioneers in achieving RSPO certification as a Sustainability Partner Company for a product containing SGS Category Palm Oil.

We are Garijo Baigorri

of the company

Since the beginning of 2021, the Company has been certified according to IFS Food (International Food Standard) version 7.

Also our director has the PCGI qualification, which allows us to carry out any transaction of the processed products with the FDA safety recognition.

As the company's CEO Carlos J. Garijo says: "Quality is always important. If you don't have a huge production capacity, you have to stand out for another virtue, and in our case it is quality, linked to development and innovation".

Trademark registered by the Office of Intellectual Property
of the European Union.

Registration No.: 004728275


to Research Centers

At Garijo Baigorri, since 2018, we are Full Members of the National Center for Food Research and Technology (CNTA). This condition is a further guarantee for our customers and products.